Amirmasoud Hamedi, PhD, PE

Amirmasoud Hamedi

Title: Project Manager, Postdoctoral Fellow
Company: Froehling & Robertson, Florida International University
Location: Columbia, Maryland, United States

Amirmasoud Hamedi, PhD, PE, CMT Project Manager and Postdoctoral Fellow at Froehling & Robertson Inc., and Florida International University, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in civil engineering.

Delving into engineering due to the influence of his mother, who encouraged him to pursue a career in the field, Dr. Hamedi decided to study water resources management because of the lack of fresh water in Iran while he was growing up. Earning a Bachelor of Science in 2007 and a Master of Science in civil engineering in 2010 from the Azad University of Tehran, he worked for several corporations while studying to obtain his doctorate. Commencing his career as a researcher with the Water Research Institute at the Hydraulic Laboratory from 2010 to 2011.

Dr. Hamedi followed these experiences as a superintendent at the Aliabad Industrial Sewage Treatment Plant at the Mehravan Zist Consulting Engineering Company, a lecturer at Azad University, a hydraulic structure engineer at the Tavanab Consulting Engineering Company, and director of the educational division and head of department of Architecture at Molana Institute of Higher Education. Dr. Hamedi relocated to the United States soon thereafter, working as a graduate assistant at Florida International University from 2014 to 2016, as well as a visiting researcher at the Center for Research in Water Resources at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. Upon earning a Doctor of Philosophy in civil engineering at Florida International University in 2017, Dr. Hamedi has simultaneously served as a postdoctoral research associate at Florida International University and a project and laboratory manager at Froehling & Robertson since 2017.

A respected presenter in his field, Dr. Hamedi has contributed a myriad of articles to professional journals. He is a professional engineer in both Iran and the state of Maine. In addition, Dr. Hamedi has maintained affiliation with several industry-related organizations, including the American Institute of Steel Construction, the American Concrete Institute, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Environmental and Water Resources Institute.

In recognition of his exceptional achievements, Dr. Hamedi had been the recipient of numerous accolades throughout his career. The American Society of Civil Engineers named him Graduate Student of the Year 2016-2017 in the Miami-Dade Branch, and Florida International University named him a World’s Ahead Graduate in 2017. He has won Doctoral Evidence Acquisition and Dissertation Year fellowships with Florida International University in 2016 and 2017 respectively, as well as a conference scholarship from Louisiana State University in 2016 (Data Flow conference). Notably, the Central Tehran Branch of Azad University ranked him First among Master of Science Candidates in the department of civil and environmental engineering in 2010. Looking toward the future, Dr. Hamedi aspires to publish more papers and engage in more research in his field.


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