Grethe Bøe

Grethe Bøe

Title: Computer Consultant
Company: Granlund kompetansesenter AS
Location: Gran, Norway

Grethe Bøe, Computer Consultant at the Granlund kompetansesenter AS, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in engineering.

Drawing on more than three decades of experience, Ms. Bøe is thriving in her role at the Granlund kompetansesenter AS. She started with the family-run company in 2011 and enjoys the small-business environment. Ms. Bøe feels she has learned a tremendous amount during the time she’s been there; she appreciates that she’s been included in decisions fort he company, and hopes to continue to contribute as much as she can.

Prior to this, Ms. Bøe served as a systems engineer at IBM Norway and as a freelance computer consultant throughout Gran, Norway. Her work in the former position resulted in two Professional Marketing Awards and one Professional Excellence Award. It also led to one of her two national television appearances. The first involved speaking in her capacity as an IT professional, and the second was in her capacity as the producer of a play on Norway’s longest labor conflict, which took place in Norway’s lumber industry in the 1930s.

When Ms. Bøe has spare time, she enjoys pursuing interests like astronomy, reading, science fiction, photography, Egyptology, and languages. In addition to her native Norwegian, she’s also trained in English, German and French. She graduated as a Candidata Magisterii from the University of Oslo in 1982.

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