Edwin H. Jessup

Title: Aerospace Engineering Executive

Location: California, Maryland, United States

Edwin Jessup, Aerospace Engineering Executive, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in aeronautical engineering.

Mr. Jessup became involved in his profession because he was always interested in engineering and wanted to be an astronaut and that became his inspiration. He pursued a combination of aerospace and engineering. In his career, he conducted the first test flight of a B-52H Stratofortress bomber with a full external and internal load of 20 AGM-86. In addition, he was involved with the air-launched cruise missiles in 1986, conducted the first test flight of a B-52G Stratofortress bomber with a full external load of 12 AGM-84 Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles in 1983. In his military career, he served as a Director of training with the US Air Force, and was the Director of Operational Testing and Evaluation at the Edwards Air Force Base. He retired from his military service in 1990.

In his career after his military service, Mr. Jessup has worked for Zenetex LLC., Delex Systems, Inc. He prepared for a career in this field by first earning a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering from Brown University in 1969. He later received a Master of Science from the US Air Force Institute of Technology at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in 1976. The highlight of Mr. Jessup’s career was being at the Wright Aeronautical Laboratories in 1980 where he initiated some of the developments that led to the gun sights that were in the current air force fighter aircraft. In 1980, he was named Project Engineer of the Year for his contributions from Wright Aeronautical Laboratories.

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