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Christine De Zeeuw

Title: Electrical Engineer
Company: SeaLandAire Technologies
Location: Chelsea, Michigan, United States

Christine De Zeeuw, Electrical Engineer at SeaLandAire Technologies, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in electrical engineering.

Ms. De Zeeuw became involved in her profession due to the influence of her family. Her father is an aerospace engineer, her mother is a math teacher, and she has aunts and uncles who are also engineers. Ms. De Zeeuw decided to pursue her field in college and see if it was a good fit for her, and it was. She earned a Bachelor of Arts at Calvin University. She joined SeaLandAire Technologies in 2015 as an intern and was offered a full-time position a year later in 2016. A highlight of Ms. De Zeeuw’s career thus far has been going on off-site field tests, notably to a naval base on San Clemente Island in San Diego, California. She was able to test the hardware she had been working on for a long time, put all the pieces together and actually see it function in the field. It was satisfying for Ms. De Zeeuw to see the culmination of her hard work. Ms. De Zeeuw has since been given more leadership roles within the project, and she enjoys the opportunity to be more involved in the system as a whole.

Ms. De Zeeuw attributes her success to determination, wanting to get the work done and having the drive to do it without someone having to tell her. She also attributes it to her problem-solving and creative thinking skills, which have helped her work around and troubleshoot issues. Ms. De Zeeuw has had to think outside the box many times throughout her career. In addition to working at SeaLandAire Technologies, she has been a designer and tester of circuit boards for defense applications and marine research, as well as a designer and tester of sonobuoy components.

Looking toward the future, Ms. De Zeeuw hopes to continue moving upward in her career and taking on more leadership roles on certain projects. She finds it really easy to design her own system, work on one little piece, and send it off for someone else to put it in the system, but she sees herself being more involved in the process of managing, and being part of the system as a whole, instead of only working on one specialized piece. Ms. De Zeeuw enjoys having responsibility and endeavors to increase her knowledge of those areas, as well as gaining the ability to talk about and understand them better.

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