Herbert Neil Clay

Title: Design Engineer (Retired)
Company: Aerovironment
Location: Mission Hills, California, United States

Herbert Clay, Retired Design Engineer at Aerovironment, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in 3D design and education.

Guided by his interest in mathematics, Mr. Clay first attended Wichita State University with the plan to study at their well-known aerospace and aeronautics programs. While matriculating at the institution, Boeing started hiring students to assist in building their signature 747-aircraft. Mr. Clay was one of these students and while he did not complete his intended education at the institution, he graduated from West Coast University and garnered incomparable real world experience that solidified his career in the industry. From 1967 to 1977, he served as a project engineer at Hardman Aerospace with Boeing. He spent two years as a project engineer at Ancra Divisions and then joined G&H Technology for a few years in the early 1980s. From 1984 to 2004, Mr. Clay leveraged his skills and expertise with Litton, now Northrop Grumman. He spent the next seven years as a design engineer with various companies such as Aerovironment, Rotonics and Pentadine. Additionally, Mr. Clay imparted his knowledge as an adjunct professor for Santa Monica Community College and worked as a mechanical design engineer and for Tool Design Drafting.

Mr. Clay started out in design work for the 747 airplane designing drawings, and he also contributed to Tool Master Layout making full-size templates of airplane skins. From there, the drawings came to life. When he moved to California, he worked on aircraft seating, drawing the parts of the seats on Mylar. The parts of the airplane were then made from these schematics. In order to go into academia, he earned a teaching credential at Abram Freidman College in 1981. He attributes his success in these ventures due to his no quit attitude and tenacity. Mr. Clay is known for forging ahead and calling upon his Christian faith to never harbor hate or anger on anyone.

Mr. Clay holds numerous patents, including Tie Down Buckles and Guidance System Housings, and is well-versed in Flywheel housing and Cooling systems as well as Solid Works drafting software. From the time Mr. Clay he started in the engineering field, he had learned most of the fundamentals of the engineering discipline through hands-on experience. While not a traditional route to become involved in the industry, it instilled him the strong fundamentals of engineering which he started learning at Wichita State University’s engineering department. Looking toward the future, Mr. Clay endeavors to spend time with his family and enjoy activities that feel fulfilling and rewarding to him.

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