Richard F. Cimera

Richard Cimera

Title: Senior Director Aerospace Engineering (Retired)

Location: Montville, New Jersey, United States

Richard Cimera, Senior Director of Aerospace Engineering has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in aerospace engineering.

Mr. Cimera’s love of technology at an early age paved the way for him to lead a rewarding and exceptional career in the engineering field. With many achievements to his name, Mr. Cimera is most proud of his work in gyroscope design and development. While working at Kearfott Guidance and Navigation Corporation, he designed, developed and put into production the two-axis dynamically tuned Gyroflex Gyro (under Patent # 3,354,726). Over 50,000 have been produced and have been used to guide every space shuttle launched. It also guides every Trident nuclear missile, Sram missiles, Voyager I & II satellites that left our universe, secret satellites, Milstar satellites, B-1 & B-2 bombers, F-16 aircraft, A-7 aircraft and P3C aircraft. Mr. Cimera holds a total of seven patents in gyroscope design and is also credited with inventing a smaller version (CONEX Gyro, Patent # 4,454,777) that was used to control the gunner’s line of sight on the M1-A1 and M1-A2 tanks used in the Iraq war. Furthermore, he developed the three-axis rate gyro assembly used to guide the lunar escape module (LEM) that was used to guide the Apollo astronauts to and from the moon. Notably, when Apollo 13 had an explosion, this rate gyro package on the LEM successfully guided Commander James Lovell and Buzz Aldrin safely back to earth.

Mr. Cimera pursued his passion for technology first in his academics. He earned a Degree of Engineering with Honor from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1955 and continued at the institution to receive a Master of Science in 1958. He later received an MME from the Newark College of Engineering in 1970 and a Professional Degree of Mechanical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of technology in 1976. He worked for a year at Standard Oil Company of New Jersey before joining Kearfott Guidance and Navigation Corporation, where he remained in various roles for the entirety of his career for over 59 years. Prior to retiring, he was the Director of Inertial Component Development at the company from 1984 to 2015. In recognition of his work, he was named Engineer of the Year by Kearfott Division Singer Company in 1982 and received an Outstanding Patent Award in Research and Development from the Council of New Jersey in 1973.

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