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Robert S. Durrenberger

Title: Graphics Software Engineer
Company: Durrenberger Software
Location: Menifee, California, United States

Robert Durrenberger, a successful Graphics Software Engineer, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in Computer Graphics innovation.

Mr. Durrenberger obtained a BSGS degree from the University of Iowa in 1984 and continued his education, attending Masters and PhD-level classes at George Washington University (GWU).  At GWU, Robert studied under James D Foley, a renowned researcher and author in the field of Computer Graphics. Robert began a career in software engineering, working at firms such as Army Research Institute, Media Cybernetics Inc., Megatek Corp. and Computervision Inc.  In later years, Mr. Durrenberger built several businesses that achieved success in both Computer Software Consulting and in Motion Picture Post-Production services and he wrote articles on Computer Graphics and on Movie Film Transfers that were published in magazines (Advanced Imaging Magazine, POST Magazine, various online).

Mr. Durrenberger was inspired to enter the software engineering profession because he saw the new way to solve problems by applying the latest computer graphics technologies, that were being developed in the 1980s. At Army Research Institute, the military started to use computer graphics for mapping and information display and analysis, and Mr. Durrenberger was attracted to the industry as he had inherited his mother’s interest in visual arts and his father’s prowess in managed research and development projects in the Army.

Later, as a graphics software engineering consultant and owner of Durrenberger Software, LLC, he served clients: Physical Optics Corp, Barco, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., Marquet Getinge Group, U-Systems, Inc., Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) and others.

As a career highlight, he developed a patentable software algorithm while at Megatek Corp. – A Distortion Correction for Spherical Projection of 3D Graphics models. The codes were used in an early Air Traffic Controller System Trainer, possibly the first to use 3D Computer Graphics technology.  And at DEC, he corrected and completed DEC’s implementation of 3D Reflection Mapping for Photo-realistic renderings used by CAD systems in the 1990s.  (An example is chrome bumper reflection simulations).

As an entrepreneur, Robert found success as Owner/Operator of a motion picture film transfer company, Durrenberger Engineering, Inc (DEI).   The work of Durrenberger Engineering Inc., was praised by several experts in Hollywood for the color correctness of the film transfer process that was designed by Mr Durrenberger.  His film transfer company produced film prints that were compared in quality to the very best transfer house in Hollywood and the prints produced were shown at venues such as The Academy Awards competition, Tous les Cinemas du Monde Theater at Cannes Film Festival; and at Fox Cable, where a film trailer was used to sell the motion picture project, “Unspeakable” (Dennis Hopper, Dina Myers).  A first startup by Robert, Visual Effects Lab, produced computer imaging for a music video by Capital Records artist (MegaDeth) and 3D animation for TV and cable.

In the coming years, Mr. Durrenberger hopes to develop systems using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and to apply technologies to the Metaverse and to new movie viewing, screening and projection techniques. Robert believes the future of business communications will feature mixed modes of reality where synthetic reality and true reality will mix together and people will collaborate globally thru these new media.

Mr. Durrenberger would like to be remembered as a ground-breaker and a risk-taker who worked on projects employing computer graphics and film technologies.

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