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Maitrey Kumar

Title: Senior Cloud Platform Engineer
Company: ClickUp
Location: Redmond, Washington, United States

Maitrey Kumar, senior cloud platform Engineer at ClickUp, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in financial services.

Mr. Kumar brings nearly two decades of expertise in cloud computing and distributed systems to his current role as a senior cloud platform engineer at ClickUp. In this capacity, he spearheads the design and development of large-scale distributed systems, leveraging his extensive experience to build cutting-edge cloud computing technologies.

Before joining Click Up, Mr. Kumar served as a principal member of the technical staff at Oracle from 2020 to 2024, contributing significantly to the advancement of technological solutions within the organization. Prior to Oracle, he held the position of senior software engineer at Microsoft from 2012 to 2020, playing a pivotal role in the development and scaling of the Microsoft Cloud Computing platform.

Mr. Kumar’s journey in the tech industry began in 2006 when he started as a project engineer at Wipro Technologies. He furthered his career as a software engineer at SAP and gained valuable insights as a summer technology analyst at Morgan Stanley in 2011.

Throughout his career, Mr. Kumar has attributed his success to hard work, focus, and seizing strategic opportunities. He believes in being in the right place at the right time, a principle instilled in him by his advisor at Columbia University. This advice, along with mentorship, has guided him in staying relevant and making impactful contributions to his field.

One highlight of Mr. Kumar’s career stands out prominently – his tenure at Microsoft during the emergence and growth of cloud computing. Joining the company in 2012, he witnessed the nascent stages of the technology and played an instrumental role in its development. During this time, he filed two patents, including a Load Balancing System and Method for Cloud-based Network Appliances and Mirroring Virtual Network Traffic. These patents have been cited multiple times by various companies, underscoring his innovative contributions to the industry. His work also involved building and developing features used by industry-leading companies, solidifying his position at the forefront of the cloud computing revolution.

Looking ahead, Mr. Kumar aims to transition into leadership roles after a decade-long career in software engineering. He also aims to support small startups and eventually establish his own company, likely in the domain of cloud computing and security.

Building a solid foundation for his career, Mr. Kumar earned a bachelor’s degree in India in 2006, followed by a Master of Science in computer science from Columbia University in 2012. Beyond his professional and educational pursuits, he is deeply committed to personal growth and community engagement. He is an active member of various professional organizations and draws inspiration from industry luminaries like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

In his spare time, Mr. Kumar enjoys playing chess, spending quality time with his children, and immersing himself in financial literature. He envisions a future where he can leverage his expertise to mentor aspiring professionals and contribute to the growth of small startups.

With a steadfast dedication to excellence and a passion for innovation, Mr. Kumar remains at the forefront of the tech industry, shaping the future of cloud computing and distributed systems. He aspires to leave a lasting legacy as a leader who solves complex problems and inspires others to reach their full potential.

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