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Steve ‘FiZ’ VanSickle

Title: Software Development Consultant
Company: Aretum
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

Steve ‘FiZ’ VanSickle, software development consultant at Aretum, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in software development.

With a rich tapestry of experiences spanning almost two decades in the software development realm, Mr. VanSickle emerges as a seasoned professional. His journey began with a Bachelor of Science in multimedia and web design from The Art Institutes in 2004, complemented by earlier education at Michigan Technological University in 2001. His career trajectory reflects a diverse array of roles, showcasing his adaptability and expertise across various domains within the technology sector. Currently serving as a software development consultant at Aretum, previously Artemis Consulting Inc., his contributions are marked by a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

Throughout his career, Mr. VanSickle has honed his craft in software engineering through roles at prominent organizations such as Nexus Systems, Inc., Bottomline Technologies, Inc., Quotient Inc., Discovery Communications, Fannie Mae, and many others. His journey from web development at EHIM to interface development at ePrize, Merkle Inc., and subsequent positions as a senior web developer, software engineer, and web application developer, among others, underscores his versatility and depth of expertise. Notably, his tenure as a software engineer at Vecna Technologies and developer at Thermopylae Sciences And Technology provided him with invaluable insights into cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mr. VanSickle’s civic engagement is underscored by his involvement with MAGFest and Child’s Play, where he channels his passion for technology toward making a positive impact in the community. In addition to his software development prowess, he is an accomplished concert photographer, combining his technical acumen with a creative eye to capture captivating moments in the vibrant world of live music events.

His career highlights resonate with a commitment to user-centric design and accessibility, exemplified by his role in developing web applications for the Library of Congress’ websites. From coding applications spanning user interfaces to application programming interface layers and data storage mechanisms, he continuously seeks innovative ways to present complex information, making it more accessible and comprehensible to users. His dedication to understanding the needs and experiences of non-developers sets him apart in the field, driving him to bridge the gap between technical intricacies and user-friendly design.

Looking ahead, Mr. VanSickle envisions a future where his passion for photography converges with his professional pursuits, as he aims to open a photography gallery to showcase his work. Reflecting on the evolving landscape of software development, he observes significant shifts towards user experience design and inclusivity, shaping the future of the industry. Mentored by seasoned professionals and driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, he offers valuable insights and advice to aspiring professionals, emphasizing the importance of embracing new perspectives and prioritizing user-centric approaches.

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