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Khaled “Kal” Henidak

Title: Partner Software Engineer
Company: Microsoft Corporation
Location: Kirkland, Washington, United States

Khaled “Kal” Henidak, partner software engineer at Microsoft Corporation, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in software engineering.

With over 20 years of experience in software engineering, Mr. Henidak has established himself as a leader in the field. Currently serving as a partner software engineer at Microsoft since 2022, he has played a key role in developing innovative software solutions and contributing to open-source projects. Prior to this role, he served as a principal software engineer from 2017 and a senior software development engineer from 2014. His journey at Microsoft began in 2010 when he served as an architect at the company’s Middle East and Africa headquarters.

Before embarking on his professional path, Mr. Henidak pursued a solid educational foundation in accounting. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from Suez Canal University in 2000, providing him with a unique perspective on software engineering and problem-solving.

Beyond his responsibilities within the field, Mr. Henidak has demonstrated a strong commitment to mentoring and supporting the next generation of software engineers. He has received numerous promotions over 10 years at Microsoft, a testament to his dedication and expertise. He attributes his success to the mentorship and guidance he received from his mentors and the unwavering support of his mother, who instilled in him a sense of determination and resilience.

In addition to his primary vocation, Mr. Henidak has been recognized for his contributions to the software engineering industry. His areas of expertise include software programming, open-source contributions, and helping people build and use software. He focuses on making software accessible and useful for everyone.

Mr. Henidak’s journey in software engineering was driven by his desire to overcome challenges and make a significant impact. One of the highlights of his career is his remarkable success in the United States, given his humble background originating from Egypt.

Looking ahead, Mr. Henidak dreams of traveling extensively, particularly to Latin America, a continent he has yet to explore. He also plans to expand his knowledge by learning Greek and delving into Greek philosophy, a subject he finds deeply compelling. Additionally, he is committed to helping as many people as he can, with the ultimate goal of teaching computer science to underprivileged children in Africa. He is determined to make this goal a reality and is excited about the possibilities that the future holds.

In his personal life, Mr. Henidak enjoys swimming, scuba diving, traveling, art, experimental theatre, music, jazz fusion, and reading. His dedication to service and community engagement is paralleled by his receipt of numerous accolades and recognitions throughout his career. He remains a valuable asset to any academic or software engineering setting and looks forward to continuing to make a positive impact on the industry and the community.

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